Owls Racing 2015



At first site the OR15 is a beautiful representation of a Formula SAE vehicle produced by 21 students of Florida Atlantic University’s “Owls Racing” Society of Automotive Engineers Club. We hold a sense of pride in being able to post this picture of a near-complete production in early April – something that had never been achieved in years past. Prefacing the Annual Formula SAE Competition, which is the host to roughly 125 International Universities in Brooklyn Michigan next month, we have been invited to a private networking and pre-competition shakedown to take place next weekend here in South Florida with the Fiat-Chrysler Group (FCA). Needless to say, Owls Racing is bringing the heat in 2015, and we cannot wait to see what the near-future holds as we prepare for the event!! We would like to thank all of our dedicated Sponsors and Supporters through-and-through for their efforts and generous donations in making this the best year yet!