The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an international membership association of transportation professionals who work to improve mobility and safety for all transportation system users and help build smart and livable communities.

Founded in 1930 the ITE has more than 15,000 members working in more than 90 countries in 70 local and regional chapters, and more than 100 student chapters in 10 districts.

The purpose of the ITE student chapter at FAU is to promote the advancement of transportation and traffic engineering through the collaboration of students and transportation professionals which aims to foster the development of a professional spirit, and to promote a common interest among students to encourage the enhancement and optimization of facilities for transportation and traffic engineering study. The organization also acquaints students with topics of interest in transportation and traffic engineering through the medium of professional speakers and chapter sponsored trips.

Members of the ITE FAU student chapter join a dynamic, interactive international group of transportation professionals dedicated to solving today’s transportation challenges.