The 2019 Team

Below are the officers and members of the 2019 Owls Racing Team.


President -Miroslav Homuta (Mechanical)

Vice President - Valentina Zurita (Pre-Med)

Lead Engineer & Treasurer - Jeffrey Basiliere (Mechanical)

Team Leads

Aerodynamics - Charlie Morecroft (Mechanical)

Body & Composites - Josh Garcia (Civil)

Chassis - Kaylan Ramesar (Mechanical)

Cockpit, Controls, & Safety - Zack Viola (Mechanical)

Drivetrain - Griffin Olson (Mechanical)

Electrical - Mateo Segura (Electrical)

Prowertrain - Bryce Arnold (Mechanical)

Suspension - Daniel Scaffidi (Mechanical)

Business Team

Business Lead - Luisa Suzuki (Mechanical)

Business Presentation Lead - Miko Reginella (Finance)

Marketing Lead - Ian Walsh (Political Science)

PR Lead - Shannon Soulard (Computer Science)

Sponsor Lead - Estefania Cabezas (Mechanical)


Alex Conrad 

Andi Stacy

Anthony Ospino

Austin Licata

Colleen Soulard

Daryl Seepersad

Dominic Pius

Jamar Roby

Joshua Mesnick

Juan Ortiz

Nathaniel Cadet

Lucas Annuza


Mathew Burgos

Mauricio Cabrera

Miguel Daal

Sil Schoonman

Patrick Brandon

Pedro Giglio


Rafael Paiva

Rashawn Hendricks

Robert Dennison

Seth Baniqued

Thomas Smith

 Vince Papa

Faculty Advisors

Alumni Advisory Board

Alex Mercer (B.S. in Mechanical Eng) - Project Manager/Chief Engineer at LBU Lighting 

Arif Lakhani (International Business/Marketing Relations/Risk Management, Business Administration, Management and Operations)

Barret Hendricks (M.S. in Mechanical from FAU, B.S. in Mechanical from UT Austin ) - Advanced Concepts Engineer at Chrysler Group LLC

Chase Nalls (B.S. in Mechanical Eng) - Product Engineering at Schroth Safety Products

Christian Caracci (B.S. in Mechanical Eng) - Test Engineer at Element Materials Technology

Christopher Branfield (B.S. in Mechanical Eng) - Design Engineer at Simplified Fabricators Inc

Daniel Morishita-Horner (B.S Finance/B.S Information Systems and Operations Management from UF, B.S. in Mechanical Eng from FAU) - Vehicle Engineering at General Motors

Emma Cusano  (B.S. in Mechanical Eng from FAU, M.S. in Mechanical Eng from UCF) - Electronics Engineer at United States Air Force

Juan Amengual (B.S. in Mechanical Eng) - Associate Engineer at NextEra Energy

Luca Gervasoni (Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Management Information Systems and Services) - Sales Planning at Automobili Lamborghini America

Marco Cheraso (B.S. in Mechanical Eng) - Engineering Analyst at Kimley-Horn and Associates

OBrien Lavin (B.S. in Mechanical Eng) - Engineer at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Seth Chapman (B.S. in Mechanical Eng) - Engineer at Thomas Built Buses

Stephen Lyons (B.S. in Electrical Eng) - Flight Test Engineer at Sikorsky

Trent Ksionek (B.S. in Mechanical Eng) - Engineering Analyst at Kimley-Horn and Associates